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As long as we are still in July, I thought I’d celebrate our nation’s independence by sharing my original flag pattern.

American Flag Full

Split Ring Flag

This is a simple design that takes full advantage of split rings, more split rings, and split rings ad infinitum.

For this I used DMC size 10 threads, in red, white and blue. The finished size is 12 cm x 8 cm. I also added a decorative hangar but this could be displayed to great advantage in any number of ways.

American Flag Closeup

Split Ring Flag Closeup

Here is the pattern:

Make all picots very small (just big enough to make a join). Picots on the left edge of the flag will be used at the end to thread the decorative hangar through. I found this one in the embroidery section of my local craft store. If you are not using a hangar or similar, leave the picots out to make a clean edge.

Blue Row 1: Starting at the top of the flag in blue: R 5-5-10. Add second thread. (SR 10/5-5)x5. SR 10-5/5.

Blue Rows 2-7: SR 5-5-5/5. (SR 5-5/5+5)x6, joining to last p of prev R. SR 5/5+5-5. This finishes the blue field. Switch to red and continue row one from the top.

Red and White Rows 1-7: Continue the same pattern, eliminating the end picot on the far right SR for a clean right edge to the flag. Make the top row red for 8 SRs, the next row white, etc.

Red and White Rows 8-13: The first full row is white, which will contain 15 SRs across, then continue alternating red and white rows, finishing in red. The last row will be, from left to right: (SR 5+5/10)x14. SR 5/15.

When you are done, you can add your hangar by threading it through the picots on the left side. Remember when you are hanging your flag up, that the American flag is displayed vertically with the blue field to the viewer’s left. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this pattern!