After six years of friendship, my faithful tatting companion fell asleep today. We brought her home in 2005 from the animal shelter, along with her best kitty friend from the next cage over. She was a gray longhair whom we dubbed Isabelle, and her black furred friend we styled Josephine, both after queens of France.

Cats sleeping

Best kitty friends.

Lately Isabelle has been feeling poorly, hiding from everyone, not eating, and even refusing her favorite treats. Mom took her to the vet the other day, and they checked her out and drew blood, but suspected it was a simple bladder infection. When the test results came back showing a complete kidney failure, we were shocked and distressed.

She loved to be outside, no matter the weather.

Some further tests showed that she was in the final stages and little could be done to help her. At most we could give her a few more painful months, hooked up to an IV for part of every day.


I'll admit, sometimes I gave in and let her play with my shuttles.

After much debate and grief, we agreed to help her end her life in dignity. I wish I could have said goodbye in person, but that was difficult from a thousand miles away. This little memorial will have to suffice in place of a hug goodbye.

Kitties 4

Farewell my friend.