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This week marks a bit of history for my tatting adventure. I purchased–that’s right, purchased, not made–someone else’s finished tatting work. Oh, but these earrings are gorgeous, and so worth it.

Well, she isn’t selling the pattern (I asked) and I don’t copy other people’s original designs, and I just love her sense of style and choice of colors so much. If Krystledawne ever publishes a book of her jewelry patterns, I’ll gladly buy the first copy.

So, I handed over my earnings from three hours of tatting classes and they arrived yesterday and look at these cute and stylish earrings aren’t they so pretty! Eeee!

Each earring is about the size of my thumbnail, with a post backing that is secured in place under the tatting. It is skilfully made and the tatting is tight and even with no visible thread ends. She clearly put time and effort into both the design and execution.

One thing that has surprised me is that the post metal has not irritated my ears. I usually need hypoallergenic metals–surgical steel or gold or silver–but I forgot to ask her about that before placing my order on Etsy. Still, I’ve been wearing them for a day and a half now and my ears feel fine and are the right color. (Many base metals will turn my ears green or blue within a few hours. The internet tells me that this is because I’m allergic to those metals. Hunh.)

Thank you Krystledawne, I love my earrings, and have already gotten several complements on them.