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Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of unexpected good fortune, or a complete waste of time. Fortunately yesterday’s visit to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store was very productive. In addition to a pile of wonderful children’s books and a stacking block game, I also found a Singer Tiny Serger for $10. It is in excellent condition and came complete with the manual. I’ve been wanting a serger, and can think of many uses to put it to.

Another great find is “The Textile Design Book: Understand and Creating Patterns Using Texture, Shape and Color” by Karin Jerstorp and Eva K√∂hlmark.

Serger and Design BookThe book is a designer’s dream. It goes through many different styles, colors, patterns, repeats, borders, etc. Already I have several ideas for new tatting patterns inspired by their designs and suggestions. Hopefully I’ll have some new patterns to share soon.