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One of the things I love about tatting is the feel of a beautiful shuttle in my hand, and the best wooden shuttles give me a warm, comforting feeling, as if the wood itself is confident it will take care of my thread. This shuttle by David Reed Smith is one of the finest wooden shuttles I have had the pleasure of handling.

Giveaway David Reed Smith Shuttle 1It is handmade of white oak, and at 2.25″ long is a very comfortable fit in my hand. The tips come together very nicely on both ends to a satisfying ‘click’ ‘click’ sound.

David Reed Smith White Oak ShuttleDavid generously sent me a shuttle to play with myself, along with this one to give away. I’ve enjoyed tatting with it to see what it can do.

What surprised me most is that it is extremely light. The shuttle is about the same proportions as the plastic Clover brand shuttles, though just a little smaller, and remarkably even a little lighter than those cheap plastic ones.

Even though it is so light weight, it is no lightweight. This is a sturdy wooden shuttle that will stand up to years of use.

I appreciate that David has polished not only the outside, but the inside and post with a glaze so that it won’t catch and fray the thread. Speaking of thread, it can hold a generous eight yards of size 20 before bulging out at the sides.

The shuttle has a pick on one end, and I must say it has been very effective. I’ve been trying a new technique and so have had ample opportunity to take out stitches, yet didn’t pull out my regular pick once. However, with very small threads the pick might be too thick to accurately pick out single stitches.

David also makes tatting shuttles in cherry, holly, maple, walnut, purpleheart, tulipwood, and many more varieties of domestic and exotic woods. He can make them with or without spikes, or with a built-in brass spike.

As if this weren’t enough, David also makes tools for tatters including nifty pen-like retractable crochet hooks, and picks that reverse into a cap. He has a beautiful needle case, and a nifty combination magnifying glass and crochet hook. Most of these can be put on a necklace for easy access, and can be made in a variety of woods.

Buy your own! Take a look at David’s skilfully made shuttles and tools, and pick out a matching set. At a very reasonable $17 to $26 for a shuttle (depending on size and features) and only $15 to $30 for the different tools, these are priced so you can treat yourself even on a modest budget.

Win it! For your own chance to win this beautiful handmade white oak tatting shuttle, leave a comment below to enter. The contest is open worldwide.

Here is how you can win:

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1.  Visit David Reed Smith’s site and browse his shuttles and tatting accessories. Leave a comment here about what type of wood, style of shuttle or tool you would enjoy. You must leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. It won’t be visible to anyone but me if you enter it into the comment form.

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This giveaway will remain open until Friday, September 30 at midnight, MST. The lucky winner will be chosen by random.org and will be announced on Saturday.

Good luck, and happy tatting!