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Here’s a question from one reader, though I’ve gotten this same question from several people.

“I’m getting better at making picots but the first part of the picot still knots up sometimes. My success rate is about 50/50. How can I get that first half to flip?” —Sharon in CA

Great question! There are two things I’d like to suggest.

First, try not to over-complicate the issue. Making a picot is simply making two double stitches that are a bit farther apart than normal. That first half of the second double stitch is just like any other stitch.

Second, it takes a bit of practice to get that first half stitch to stay in place while you are making the second half. Here’s what I do:



When making the first half of the picot, pull the shuttle thread downward against your finger so the thread stays in place by sheer force.




Then with the first half stuck on your finger, cover it with your thumb. Hold the stitch where you want it with your thumb so you can relax the shuttle thread and make the second half stitch.


Please note that in these pics I am grossly exaggerating how hard I am pulling the thread down to make it more clear. Nevertheless, it might help to practice doing just this several times till you get the hang of it.


As an experienced tatter I sometimes forget the difficulties I had in learning, so if I’m not answering your question, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer you promptly. Leave a comment on a relevant post or send me an email anytime.