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Recently I saw a little girl sporting an adorable fabric flower hair barrette and thought, “I can make that.” So I went home and whipped up a couple for the first birthday of the girl I nanny, and they were a hit. So much so that one of the moms at the party ordered five more on the spot, as presents for other little girls she knows.

Tatted Hair Barrette ProjectI hadn’t planned on going into the hair barrette business! 😉 Well, since I’m making five more, I might as well make 15, right? Not like it takes much more time or work when I’m already cutting and sewing and gluing.

And since I’m making hair cuteness already, I might as well add some tatting to make them even cuter.

Then since I’m going to add tatting, It would be more fun to figure out my own original design. See how things snowball…. Sigh.

Tatted Hair Barrette Decoration CloseupWould you like your own cute hair clip? You can buy a couple at my Etsy Shop, or make your own. After I finished (of course) I found this great tutorial for a similar barrette by Maggie over at Smashed Peas and Carrots. And here is the pattern for the tatted decoration I added.

R 5 ds, vsp, 5 ds, 5 p in graduated size, 5ds, vsp, 5 ds, cl. Leave about 1/4″. Repeat R 5 times, joining first vsp to last vsp of prev R, and 6th R to 1st R. Leave abt 1/2″.

R 15 ds, 3 p, 5 ds, 3 p of graduated size, 5 ds, 3 p, 15 ds, cl. Repeat 2 more rings. Cut ends.

Arrange the rings in the center of the hair clip with the larger rings behind each pair of smaller rings. Cover with coordinated button so that the rings are sticking out and the ends are hidden underneath.


I’m calling these my Motif # 5 in the 25 Motif Challenge.