2 thoughts on “Avoiding Folded Join 1”

  1. I’m trying to copy/paste your instructions for avoiding the folded join. My computer keeps dropping connection so I never know if I’ll be able to sit and enjoy something till I have tatted the pattern or understood the instructions. Unfortunately, your photos won’t allow me to copy/paste them. Can you help me by emailing copies of them to Beverly5876@yahoo.com

    Eventually, I’ll be able to get into my email long enough to do a couple minutes of work before it goes bezerk.

  2. Holly powers said:

    I’d really like to learn this technique, but I’m unable to see the technique up close and it doesn’t have instructions to accompany it, so I’m sure it’s being done correctly. Also, I want to know how to do it to maintain right-side wrong side (modern) tatting. Please email me!

    Thank you!

    Holly Powers

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