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Ann in Lancashire UK asked, “After I reverse work my tension seems to slack a little and my ds’s become larger. How do I get the stitches close to the last ring or chain.”

This is one I’ve had to think about for a while to notice exactly what I am doing to keep that initial tension tight.

Use this same procedure when beginning any new ring or chain, whether or not you just reversed work.

After reversing work, or when beginning any new ring or chain, make the first half stitch. Pull it close to the last element and then hold it in place with your thumb while making the second half stitch. Here’s the step-by-step:

Reverse work and get ready to make the next stitch.

Tension after Reverse Work 1

Make the first half of the double stitch, and pull it as close as possible to the last ring or chain.Tension after Reverse Work 2

While you’re still pulling the first half stitch close, cover it with your thumb to hold it in place.Tension after Reverse Work 3

While holding your thumb over the stitch, make the second half stitch. Only remove your thumb at the last possible moment, to keep that first stitch in place. Think of this like you are tying a bow and holding it place with your finger to keep it tight.

Tension after Reverse Work 4


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