Today I want to get some discussion going around ‘best tatting’ – and give you a chance to show off your own masterpiece.

What is the best piece of tatting you’ve ever made? If you have a picture of it somewhere online (your blog, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) please share a link to it. Why do you consider this your best piece? Is there a story around your work?

Here is my submission:

Tatted CapHere is a closeup of the rosettes in back. The same rosettes ring the entire edge as well.

Tatted Cap with Rosettes and BeadsI tatted this hair cap for a dear friend for Christmas of 2005. It was the largest project that I had finished to date and the most difficult. It challenged me in many ways and dramatically improved my tatting skills.

The large number of tiny beads alone drove me crazy, and I had to modify the stitch counts of the rosettes to get them to lay flat, and also had to keep the large picots even throughout for it to lay right. Because I actually managed to do it I still consider this one of my best tatting pieces. I got through the project by chanting, I love my friend, I love my friend. I love the cap too, now that it is long finished.

Whether you’re a new tatter and only have three lumpy rings to choose from, or have been tatting for forty years, I hope you participate.

Can’t wait to see your best photos and stories in the comments!

I’ll highlight some of my favorite submissions in a post later in the week.