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Christmas is wonderful this year, and I love that we get 40 days of it! Liturgy was beautiful and all the little girls in red and white dresses were adorable. I spent Christmas dinner with dear friends and my Mom, who is visiting. Together we’re designing and making a felt book for my future kids (and me, I admit it, I wanna play too) and it is wonderful to collaborate with her on a creative craft again.

Best of all, my work schedule is about to go back to a normal, full but sane schedule. Okay, so I’ve got a new project in the works that will fill up some of that time, but it’ll still be a lot more doable, and the project is something I’m really looking forward to doing. This is the new endeavor I’ve dropped hints about lately, and you’ll get the full details next time. Stay tuned.

Life is good.

This year’s Christmas goodies involved several tatting items for which I was hoping. This was aided largely by using my Christmas bonus to get them. So, not really a surprise, but at least I got what I wanted.

Lizbeth Thread HolderWhich are, a handy Lizbeth thread holder, Elegant Tatted Gems by Jon Yossuf, a shuttle and reversible tool by David Reed Smith, and some hand dyed thread by Merilee Rockley. I’ll be posting about each of them as I get a chance to use them (some haven’t arrived in the mail yet).

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to the new year.

Happy New Year Everyone!