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Here’s a cute and easy Christmas ornament to show off your tatting obsession.

tatting shuttle ornament 7WHAT YOU’LL NEED:

  • A small Styrofoam ball, or similar ball. Ideally, one that you can poke a needle through.
  • A long needle, that you can fit through your ball.
  • A skein of thread.
  • An extra shuttle that you can spare for the Christmas season.
  • A pair of pliers for pulling the needle through (optional but handy).


1. Get your Styrofoam ball and wrap your thread around it in every which way so that it covers the ball entirely.

tatting shuttle ornament 1

2. Leave a long length of extra thread and cut it off from the skein. Thread your needle with the extra.

tatting shuttle ornament 2
3. Poke your needle through the Styrofoam ball with the extra thread and pull it all the way through. Use the pliers to pull the needle through if you need to.

tatting shuttle ornament 33b. Alternately, if you don’t have a permeable ball, you can tie the thread around the ball tightly so that it doesn’t slack and fall off.

4. Now get your shuttle. I picked the festive colors of red and green.

tatting shuttle ornament 45. Leaving some of the end thread loose, wind the shuttle till it is hanging pretty close to your ball. Using the extra thread, tie a loop to hang the ornament from on the opposite side of the shuttle from the ball.

tatting shuttle ornament 56. The shuttle will hang vertically more neatly if the thread hangs from opposite sides of the shuttle points. In other words, if the thread coming out of the top is on the right side of the points, then the shuttle thread on the bottom should be to the left.

tatting shuttle ornament 67. Now just hang it up and enjoy your decoration!

tatting shuttle ornament 8Merry Christmas!