Recently I sent out a call for all of you to share your best ever tatting project. I was hoping for more people to participate, but the four who did are great.

Diane of Lace Lovin’ Librarian wrote: I don’t know if it’s my best tatting, but my favorite piece to tat is Mary Konior’s Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns.

Diane's MotifDiane, your spinning wheels are great. I love both the colors (Juicy Watermelon is a GREAT name) and the feel that it flows smoothly around and around. I love patterns like this. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle of Tela Magistrae wrote: Rats! I have made at least two things that I don’t have a picture of that I wish I did for this. One was a three-dimensional balloon and gondola (basket below) with ribbon roses to decorate it and the other was a baby bonnet. This was before digital photography (a lot before) and it never occurred to me to take a picture. So here’s my third favorite piece:

Michelle's MotifMichelle, I have a few things I gave away without taking a picture of too, and it irks me. I love your doily! That is an incredible deal of work and time, and it came out so well.

Alma of Two Shuttles wrote: This link are my first 3D tatting. Also my first tries with celtic tatting. They won blue ribbon at they county fair. By now they’ve been lost to time but at least I have the pictures.

Alma's MotifOh, Alma, that was your first 3D piece?! It is gorgeous! The flowers came out so well, and I love the photography too.

Shannon of Shannon In Love wrote: I would have to say, even though i am pretty good at tatting, this was an earlier motif of mine. But i look at the stitches and they are uniform, and the picots are nice, and i am just so proud of it. 🙂

Shannon's MotifShannon, thanks for sharing! That is a very nicely executed motif, you should be proud. I love it when one of my pieces comes out technically perfect—it doesn’t happen too often. 🙂

I also like your idea of taking the photo with the info in the pic. That way the two never get separated. So clever.

Thank you all for sharing! Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.