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This is a followup to my first post on Raising up a New Generation of Tatters.

citizen schools middle schoolThank you all for you support in my new teaching venture. Several people have emailed me or left comments with words of encouragement, and it feels great to have someone else tell me I’m not crazy for trying this!  (I might need that reminder several times throughout the semester, so be ready.)

Also, six generous people are sending out packages with shuttles and thread, and a few self-threading needles! Thank you so much, you know who you are. I think we’ll have enough shuttles and thread to start with, but could still use some of the other items on the list. Anyone?

Here’s what’s left:

  • 18 Size 10-14 crochet hooks
  • 18 Tapestry needles (or functionally similar devices)
  • 12 Easy thread (self-threading) needles for hiding ends
  • 18 Pairs of small scissors or clippers
  • 18 Bags or cases of some kind to hold the kits (I have my eye on some bags from Michael’s Crafts that are only $1 each, but am open to options)

I’m actually thinking that the remaining items would probably be better if they were all the same (no squabbling) so if you’d like to send a donation or send the whole lot of a given item, that would probably be best. Email me if you have any thoughts on this.

I also appreciate the suggestions you’ve sent on the class so far. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I’m all ears! Please don’t hesitate to share any ideas or helpful hints you have. Both experience and untested thoughts are welcome.

My first training is Wednesday evening, so I’ll get even more info then on how the classes work etc.

Thanks for indulging me today, I’ll post some interesting tatting something tomorrow.

Happy tatting!