I filmed the next video of my Absolute Beginner Tatting Series today, and as I was making it a question arose that I would like your feedback on. The video is on how to block a large project, and I’m using a doily to demonstrate, so I was pinning it down, and putting in more pins, and even more pins, and row after row of more and more pins. Well, this kinda took a long time, and, yeah. Do you really want to watch all that?

So here is my question: Do you want me to give you the full video, so you can see all the details and the entire process of pinning from start to finish, or do you want me to edit out most of the repetitive pinning and just show the highlights?

I’ve seen several posts on the tatting forums where people are asking for precisely this—a start-to-finish video showing the whole blocking process. That said, the video is currently 33 minutes long. A lot of that is highly repetitive and dull, if not downright boring. Sure, you can fast forward plenty, but do you seriously want that video?

Or I could edit a lot of it out and just show you the important parts. But if I do that I don’t want any complaints that “you didn’t show the whole thing.” Whine. Blah. Nope, not listening.

Give me your feedback; tell me what you want and like a good pizza I’ll deliver.

(I really should not be writing blog posts at 11:30 pm. Sigh. Yawn.)


Can you guess how many pins went into blocking this doily?

Pinned blocked doileyLeave a comment with your best guess (only one guess per person, please) and the closest guess will get a small prize. The guess, not the person. Hehe.

(I wish I could promise this would be the last late night post, but sadly it is far from the first and won’t by any means be the last. You’ll just have to put up with my odd sense of humor from time to time.)