1 thought on “Pinned_blocked_doiley”

  1. Angela said:

    Oh wow that’s a lot of pins. My opinion regarding the question of whether I would choose the entire video or the edited version of this one would definitely be the edited one because like mean look at all those pins!!! There has to be at least 20 minutes of putting pins in it so, although I most always would welcome the entire video I would prefer the edited version of this one.
    As far as my guess on how many pins are being used I would guess about 295. I’m probably way off but it looks like even more!!
    Also, I want to thank you for providing this site to people who want to learn how to do this beautiful art that is almost a lost one. It’s because of people like you that keep it alive so that people like me can learn how to get it right after so many times of getting these stitches wrong.
    You Rock!

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