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A couple people have e-mailed me about the cardboard shuttles I gave to the teens and featured in my last post. They are quick and easy to make, and are handy for handing out in beginner classes.

cardboard tatting shuttlesAlso, I’ll occasionally find myself stuck somewhere without any tatting, reading or anything much to do and a long time to wait. At this point I’ll find a clean box in a trash can (or even a sturdy business card will do), cut out a small shuttle or two, and wind some extra thread. Nuts? Maybe. But it keeps me busy and makes me happy. Plus, it sometimes attracts the attention of an interested onlooker and I get to teach them a little tatting while we’re waiting and send them home with the shuttles.

In any case, I drew up this template so that you can make your own shuttles out of any random, study material you have lying around. Plastic yogurt lids work well, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc. What else have you made extra shuttles out of?

Download the template here:

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Happy tatting,