The weather was beautiful this week so we decided to hold class outside and enjoy the sun. That is, while it lasts. A huge storm is predicted to hit us next week and brinng back the snow.

Anyway, one of the girls who has been struggling managed her first shuttle tatted ring this week, and proudly showed this to me.


I got permission to show pictures of the students (and not just their work). These are the two best shuttle tatters in the class, working on a hen-and-chicks edging pattern. It is the first time I have introduced the students to combining rings and chains in a single pattern.


This is exactly what I love about tatting. You can do it anywhere, with very few (and portable) supplies, enjoy the sunshine and light breeze, put on some Mozart in the background and just chit chat with friends. Good times.


One of the students brought in some beautiful varreigated nylon thread and experimented with Josephine rings. I’m not a fan of nylon thread for tatting, but she was determined to use it.


Until next class,

Celebrate the butterfly!