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As expected the storm drove us inside this week, but we still had a lot of fun.


This week we worked some more on butterflies and a couple adventurous students tried their hand at a new flower pattern. Briefly.


Here I am helping the guys with their butterflies.

I’m a bit confused in that most of the students are quite content making the same patterns–mostly butterflies–over and over, and aren’t much interested in trying new patterns. Or rather, they say they want to try a new pattern, but when I give them one they give it a try for a few minutes and go back to the butterfly.

I’m intentionally giving them patterns within their current ring-and-chain skill set, so I’m a bit confused by this. (Every time I do bring in one with a bit of a new technique or more complexity, even just a bit, no one tries it at all). Even with the patterns that are the EXACT SAME DIFFICULTY as the ones they have done, they look at me like they are scared by the new pattern is going to bite them or something.


The hard-won product of much labor.

When we asked students individually this week what they want to do for their final project, almost everyone answered they wanted to make butterflies and flowers. And one dragon. Hmm…

Well, what can I do but…

Celebrate the butterfly!