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We headed outside today to tat in the beautiful light of New Mexico’s spring. I brought two new patterns, a mouse and a heart, both of which were popular and it was good to see the kids trying something new. Maybe last week’s fish broke them out of the old routine enough that they were willing to try new patterns.


I just like this picture.


Here is a mouse in progress…20120429-225318.jpg

…and the finished product.


Girls having fun tatting and chatting.

One of the things I like about this apprenticeship is that it gives the kids a chance to be social in an “acceptable” school setting. So much of student’s days are spent sitting in rows, facing front, staring at a board, listening to a teacher, and being told to quiet down, sit up, face front, and listen. As a teacher in training, I completely understand why that is the case, but learning is much more fun (and often productive) when done in a relaxed and social context. The brain responds positively to a comfortable, stress-free environment and short-term memories convert to long-term memories much more readily when learning takes place with (not simply among) other people.

Speaking of stress-free, our WOW! is in THREE WEEKS! The WOW! is a public showcase where students in all the various apprenticeships show off what they made, did or learned over the semester. We started planning our WOW! projects already, and are getting serious about deciding what we want to show off. More to come, when we have more details.

Celebrate the butterfly!