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Do you remember I’ve been telling you about the girl who threw her shuttles in frustration the first class, and who has been struggling all semester with the confidence to try anything on her own and constantly asking me to do things for her? (Side note: I don’t want to use the kids’ real names in such a public forum, for privacy purposes, but now I wish I had given them all fake names early on. It seems a little late to start now, with only two weeks left. Well, that’s something I can learn for the future.) Today was a breakthrough for her.

Seemingly out of nowhere, she was all “I can do it.” “I want to do it myself.” “Don’t show me, I have to do it on my own, just tell me what to do.” “When I go home you won’t be there to show me so I have to do it myself.” Wow, where did that come from?! I’ll tell you exactly where it came from: from my mouth. It only took ten weeks but she finally internalized what I’ve been telling her all along, and took responssibility for her own learning. AWESOME

Here (above) is what she made with her newfound confidence. Look how even the stitches are, how the rings are nice and snug right next to each other, and how the picots are all just about the same size. These two petals are the beginning of her personal flower power.

Above is another girl’s flower, in it’s early stages, and below she is proudly showing offf the finished flower! She did a great job! She is a quiet, modest girl and was embarrassed when I asked to take a picture of her with her flower, but I think she was also pleased. She doesen’t speak much English, and my Sanish is pretty minimal, so her friend translates for her a lot. If I plan on working in the Santa Fe public schools eventually, I’m going to have to get used to this. There are a lot of English language learners in Santa Fe schools.

 The girls hard at work.

The dragon slayer worked on her dragon some more, decided it wasn’t good enough and started over. Today she got the entire tail done, and now only needs the wings and head.

The WOW! is only two weeks away and we are prepping our final projects to show off to the public. Next week we have to put thread aside for a while and practice the presentation, but for now we are still tatting.

Celebrate the butterfly!