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Now that you’ve got double stitches coming out of your ears, and strings of rings going every which way, are you ready to try something new? How about a picot.

A what?

A picot. “Pee-koe.” |ˈpēkō| It’s French.

Picots are the little loops you see so often on tatted pieces. They help give it a lacy look, and are often used to join two or more elements (rings, chains) together. They have all sorts of other uses too, mostly decorative, which we’ll get to down the road. Look closely at this example, and try to pick out all 39 picots:

Find the Picots

Hint: Remember, they are used to join and as stand-alone loops.

The next video lesson will show how to join picots together, but for now, learn how to make a picot:

P.S. Here’s the answer key. I put a pink star over each picot. Did you find them all?

Find the Picots Answer Key

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