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You asked, and YES, Spanish translations of the Absolute Beginner Tatting Series are coming!

A very kind lady from my local TimeBank is helping me by translating the video captions into her native Spanish. Hopefully they will be up and available for you to use in a few days!

Isn’t TimeBanking a wonderful idea? For every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to spend on having someone do something for you. It’s that simple. I love that people are valued for the skills they have, not how much is in their wallets. I’ve seen for myself how this simple concept can help to build community, help people get to know each other, and get people the help they need. If I sound like an advocate for the program, I guess I am. I love it.

Anyway, I’ll get the translations up as soon as possible. Happy Tatting!