In a recent conversation with my mom I was asking her for ideas of what to post about, and she was asking me for ideas of what she could tat as she learns more and gets better with this brave new skill.

Her question inspired me to think about all the fun and interesting things I’ve made or embellished with tatting—or wanted to—over the years. I quickly came up with a list for her, and ended up answering my own question as well. What should I post? How about cool ways to use tatting!

Thus is born a new series: INSPIRATION!

When I come across some idea that inspires me; that shouts out “Tat me!” I’ll share it with you. Maybe it is a wonderful tatting pattern. Maybe it is a fun craft that is begging to have some tatting added. Maybe it is something entirely unrelated that would look great in tatting as well as the original medium.

Here is my first offering of inspiration, from a wonderful entry I saw at this year’s NM state fair.

Calligraphy Display Inspiration Isn’t the calligraphy beautiful? Each block has a single letter that is painstakingly cut out of paper and set against a wonderful hand-painted background. The black, fold-out checkerboard display is simple and elegant, and as I saw this I couldn’t help but think that this would be a wonderful way to show off some tatted motifs. Here is the full view:

Calligraphy Display Inspiration Full WidthEach of the side panels sets off a lovely quote about the power of letters and words, and the quotes themselves frame the display nicely. Here’s a closeup of the left end plate.

Calligraphy Display Inspiration CloseupWhat would you do with a display like this? Would you like to make your own? How would you do that? What other ideas does this lead you to?

If this inspires you to create something, I’d love to see it! Upload a picture of your creation to your blog or an online gallery so we can all see what you made, then leave a comment here with the direct link (not your entire blog).

Don’t forget to link back to Tatted Treasures so more people can join in the fun!