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Tatting and ToolsThis is a followup post to Adages and Adding: A Question.

Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed me about my big dilemma. This isn’t an easy topic for me, and comes face to face with a lot of my own insecurities. Will you, dear friend, still like me if I ask for a little something in return? What if you want to give but can’t, will you feel put out? What if I approach it the wrong way and make you feel obligated or affronted or even ashamed? I really don’t want for any of this to happen.

On the other hand, is it wrong of me to ask for some support? For a little contribution to the huge amount of time it takes to produce a single tutorial? If I teach tatting at a local class, I get paid for my time and expertise, so why does it feel so different if that teaching is online?

Tatting ThreadsAnd why does the question of support have to be financial? All right, I get that in the geography of the interweb we can’t just get together and weed each other’s gardens. (Though if you’re in the Santa Fe area, I’ve got some lovely tumbleweeds in the back…just kidding. Though, sadly, I do.)

However, if you would like to help me continue with the Spanish translations of the videos, that would be another great way to contribute.

I don’t have any good answers as to where to go from here, but for now at least, I have picked an answer. It is absolutely not the only answer, and may not even be the only answer I come to in the eventual life of this blog. But I’m going to go with it for now.

You may have already noticed that I’ve added a PayPal donation button to the sidebar. If you would like to support Tatted Treasures, you can click through and send me a little gift. Any amount is appreciated. Two wonderful, generous people have already donated. Thank you, Michelle and Louine!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Will you join them? Here’s the button:

Support Tatted Treasures

You don’t even need a PayPal account or to register with them or anything, just some plastic money. I think they’ll take a regular check if you register. How handy is that.

Several people also suggested selling a CD or DVD of my video lessons to make it easy to watch when an internet connection is slow or nonexistent, or to watch on TV instead of the computer. This sounds like a great idea to me, and I’ll be looking into this soon. Probably around the beginning of the new year, when my work schedule (hopefully) goes back to a normal happy pace.

Thank you for bearing with my ramblings. Please do let me know if you come up with any other great ideas. I like great ideas.

Happy tatting,