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Every year my mom and I make these cute yo-you turkeys. It is just three yo-yos in fall colored fabrics with a felt gobble and googly eyes. We make these for lots of holidays. yo-yo turkeyThis year I got it into my head that this would be cute in tatting. Here is the result:

tatted turkeyI can’t figure out how to make it look like a turkey. Can you help?

When I look at it and know it is supposed to be a turkey, I can see a turkey, but if I were to put it on a pin or earrings, a casual observer would see a pretty design of rings, and not a turkey. It’s not big enough to put a felt gobble on, and there isn’t much to sew a face onto either. Do you have a better idea?

Here’s the pattern:

Note for beginners: The two larger “rings” are really chains! This helps them lay flatter and lets you mold them into shape a bit easier than a ring does. All you do is tat a chain, then tie the end back to the beginning so it looks like a ring. If you don’t want to do this, simply tat them as rings instead, and they will look pretty much the same. If you’re adventurous give the chains a try.
R 3 ds, 7 p sep by 2 ds, 3ds. DO NOT RW.
CH 5 ds, 9 p sep by 3 ds, 5ds. Tie back to base of first ring. DO NOT RW.
CH 9 ds, 11 p sep by 3 ds, 9ds. Tie back to base of first ring.

I look forward to seeing what all you crafty ladies and gents come up with!