Can you believe that this blog is already 6 months and 100 posts old? This is actually post number 101, but who’s counting. Wow. For me it was a bit of a shock a few days ago when I clicked publish on a post and noticed the post count at the top of the page tick up to 98. Then I looked at the calendar and saw that this week it will be exactly 6 months since Tatted Treasures had it’s birth.

I started this blog to help my local students at the quilt shop to repeat my lessons when they got home, and quickly it became a reflection of my love for both teaching and tatting. I’ve gotten great feedback from both new tatters who are just learning and from experienced tatters alike, and I thank you for your kind words and hope I have been able to help.

I believe Tatted Treasures is more than a tool for teaching people to tat. I hope to demystify tatting, which has built up a bad reputation of being difficult to learn.

I want to share this wonderful craft with people who have never heard of it, and inspire people to give it a try.

Also I want to bring together tatters across the world who feel lonely and isolated, many of whom don’t know any other tatters nearby, just as I was not too long ago.

So, what do the next six months hold for Tatted Treasures? Oh, there are plans…

First I will be finishing the Absolute Beginner Tatting Series in the coming weeks. The next one has had me stymied for a while as I had to hide a number of ends before filming the tutorial on blocking a doily. Hiding ends are the one part of tatting that I really, really dislike, but it is now done and I will be filming this weekend.

When the whole series is done, the next step is making it into a video eBook or similar that you can download and keep on your local computer. Or maybe DVDs, or downloadable onto a writable CD. Let me know what you would like and I’ll see what I can come up with.

There are also a number of exciting giveaways planned, starting with one from Tatting & Design in February. Check back to see what they are offering!

I’ll also be posting free original patterns occasionally, keeping you up to date on the tatting teens project, and have a few other ideas, but I won’t tell you about those yet. Neener neener.

What would you like to see from Tatted Treasures? What do you like, or not care for? What could be improved? This blog is for you so please give me your feedback. I can take it. Promise.

—Happy tatting,