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In the spirit of my Lyn Morton Christmas book giveaway, or maybe because my computer has been on the fritz and I can only use it intermittently, or maybe because not being able to type much is a great excuse to tat more, I’ve made another of Lyn’s patterns.

If you haven’t signed up for the giveaway yet, or want another entry, do it today! The giveaway closes at midnight MST tonight!

lyn morton motif 2I’m still loving this Oren Bayan metallic thread, and it still hasn’t snagged or split or broken on me once. Lyn’s pattern is again very clear and easy to follow, and super cute. I really like how it turned out in the metallic, which is perfect to put in a thank you card for a friend. This may be billed as a Christmas motif, but take away the trappings of tinsel and evergreen, and it is a pretty motif for anytime of year.

This thank you card and motif are part of a great big hug and gratitude-ness for the wonderful generosity of a family I work for who gave me, outright, their used Mac PowerBook G4. It is from 2005, which is actually a year older than my MacBook, but it works. That being a huge improvement over my current computer, which doesn’t.

I took this baby home yesterday and stayed up way too late transfering my backup files and being awed by how fast it is, that it isn’t held together by tape and that all the buttons do something when you press them. It’s a whole new world. Will I be brave enough?

lyn morton motif 3

In tribute to Lace Lovin' Librarian, I had to take this picture. She's a pac-man fan, right?

Here’s another paradigm shift for you. The family who left this perfectly functional computer sitting on a shelf for the last several years are techies and, to quote the mom, “we go through computers like you go through sandwiches.” Wow. I wonder how it would feel to be in a position to buy a computer at the drop of a hat. Oh-kay, then.

Enough with me waxing on about my new computer; I’m just so excited. And if you’ve managed to bear with me this far in the program, here’s another bit of exciting news:

My Irlen diagnostic for my new tinted glasses is this afternoon. So by the end of the day I should know what color I’ll be seeing the world through from now on. Then they have to send my glasses off to the lab in California to do the actual tinting and I’ll get them back in two to three weeks. I’m expecting a lot of headaches for the next couple weeks as I use my old pair of backup glasses, but after that I’ll be seeing red. Or green. Or blue…I’ll let you know soon.