This is my first post in a week; a long time for me but it has been a difficult week. The headaches I usually have as a consistent companion to every activity in life have felt much worse lately while I have been eagerly awaiting my Irlen glasses to come back from the lab. If I am honest with myself, the headaches haven’t been any worse, but I think the anticipation of expecting them to soon go away has made it harder for me to accept and endure them, and they have felt more intense.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my new happy glasses arrived in yesterday’s mail (I have been vigilantly checking the mailbox every day) and I am already feeling much better. I’ll write more about them in a week or two when I am more used to them. For now I’ll just say that all day today I barely felt a twinge, and have good hope for the future.


Now for some more good news. It is time for our online tatting scavenger hunt, part two! If you haven’t already, take a look at the entries from week one. I really liked Shannon’s cat-face-O-shuttles, and am proud of Deb for taking the plunge and joining in. Will you join us this week?

Here’s a quick reminder of how it works:

Each week during the month of March I’ll post a set of five challenges for things to find or do, and then you can find or make something for one or some or all of them. (Please give credit to any designers/authors whose work you show off!) Get creative!!!

As I post each set of challenges, anyone who would like to play along can post pictures of your “entry.” If you have a blog you can post them there, or on Flicker or another photo service. Leave a link to your entry in the comments section for each post so we can keep a comprehensive list of who is playing, and we can all enjoy checking out all the entries. Here are the first entries.

I hope this will be a little something different and a fun way to play with tatting.

And now, here are your second scavenger hunt challenges: (do as many as you like)

  1. A pattern name that begins with a Q, X or Z.
  2. Something that displays the year Mlle Riego published her first tatting book.
  3. Tat a simple motif using a needle (if you usually use shuttles) or a shuttle (if you usually use needles. Photograph the attempts/results.
  4. Tatting patterns/books in at least two different languages (the more the better!).
  5. Tat in a public place and show off what you are making to a stranger. Report on the results/reaction.

If you’d like to join the fun, leave a comment below. Remember to come back and comment with a link to your entry.

Have fun!