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Today we made butterflies. Or tried to. This is a the first official pattern we have made together, and is a more complicated task than the kids have ever done before. It included learning the basic of reading patterns, making multiple parts and joining together at the picots. Most of the students managed to get at least one join done…


…and some picots…


…and some students managed to string together most of the butterfly’s four wings. This one is nearly complete:


Here is the finished product! Woo hoo!


Fortunately the part about reading patterns seemed to be pretty simple for the students. I don’t know if they got it down so easily because of my fabulous explanations, or because I gave it to them in written and diagrammed form and talked them through every part, to appeal to various learning styles, or what, but they picked it up with ease.

Next time I’ll introduce another pattern that involves joining rings together, to get the practice.

Celebrate the butterfly!