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Tatted Treasures is dedicated to introducing tatting to the public, providing easy-to-follow instructions to learn this ancient art, and inspiring accomplished tatters with information and ideas.



When I walked into the local quilt shop in early 2011 I had no idea that simple shopping trip would begin a tatting revolution in Santa Fe. One of the owners saw the tatting on my purse and eagerly asked, “Do you teach tatting?” So began a series of surprisingly popular classes, with some students driving two to four hours just to learn to tat!

The classes have gone very well, except that my students keep asking me to come home with them! Since I haven’t yet figured out how to be in ten places at once, I began to make a few videos they could watch from home to get a refresher anytime. The idea snowballed from there and this blog was born.

This is also my journal of tatted treasures. I intend to keep a record of pieces I make and designs I invent, maybe some of my favorite shuttles, threads and pattern books, or anything else as it occurs to me.   …Such as these little poems:

Tatting in my chair.
Shuttles weaving back and forth
Loosing count of knots.


I tried to learn shuttle tatting from a book in the spring of 1999, but could not make heads or tails of it. So I switched to needle tatting and quickly turned out a whole slew of edgings, doilies and bookmarks. I even tried to tat a blouse once, but when I was half way through with the back I got sick of it, finished off the edges and called it a doily.

In summer of 2001 I flew to Connecticut to learn shuttle tatting from my grandmother, and never looked back.

Tatting on the couch.
Kitty lying next to me
Tangling my thread.

Ever since I found the art I have been hooked, and enjoy sharing this old fashioned art with a new crowd. On that note, I hope this blog is fun to make and to share.

Happy tatting to all, and to all a good night!



42 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I saw your post on InTatters and stopped by to take a peek. I LOVE what you’ve done and can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Darla, Thanks for the support! I hope to add lots more of interest.

  3. Randa Gray said:

    I’d love to see your shuttles… The one in your banner is gorgeous & the ones in your videos are quite interesting!! 🙂

  4. Renu Sridhar said:

    Thanx a lot, Heather. I really enjoy all your tatting tutorials and i watch the whenever i need help with tatting. I made the same motif that u have taught in ur tutorial. Please post some more videos of laces and motifs

  5. Pat Garrison said:

    Want to learn. Impatient teacher, but I’m eager. 🙂

  6. Angela Ramirez said:

    I am so happy I found your wonderful website through Pinterest. It is fantastic! A little over a year ago I decided to learn Tattonig. My paternal grandmother was an avid tatter although where I come from it is called Frivolité. I was 12 when she died and never got a chance to learn from her. But it was always my dream to learn. So I started last year with a shuttle, book and DVD I got on the Internet. Did a few practicing patterns and then stopped for over a year. But now the bug is back and I am decided to at least complete a project!
    And by finding your website I will definitely be able to achieve one of my dreams.
    Last night I e-mailed a picture of just a strand of rings and picots to my father and he replied that I made him think of his mother.
    Thank you

  7. Deepti Sane said:

    I have seen most of the videos on this site.
    Its really helpful.
    Thanks a ton.
    But its really difficult to get shuttles here in India.
    Most ofthe people dont know what it is exactly.
    Hope i get the perfect tools to start tatting.
    Happy Tatting…!!!

  8. Lesley Lefty Tatter said:

    I do hope that help is on the way for lefties. I can chain and picot, but when I attempt to close the ring only part of my work which will do this is the tail. The left of the loop will give out more yarn, but the shuttle does not do anything. I feel that my double stitches must be O K as the ring closes using my method. I am finding that if I try to leave a loop as the bottom of a ring then join another on closing it goes. Help to any lefties out there. I have downloaded the basics for lefties, which I have found helpful. I just want to sort this out.
    In England

  9. Theresa Ann Bollers said:

    I am so glad that I found you and your wonderful art! I have been around tatting my whole life and never found anyone who even knew that it is still around ! Thank you for keeping something so beautiful so very much alive!!!
    Keep up the FUN WORK !!!


  10. I have tried Tatting a few times, but always given up as I found it too hard. But I’ve found your videos and posts very helpful, and although I’m still struggling a bit, I am sure this time I will manage to get the hang of it. I have posted a link to your tutorials on my blog. Thank you for all your hard work.

  11. Paula Jo Merrill said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! for your video tutorials! I have been tatting for over 15 years and still learned a lot by watching them. I will be recommending your lessons to all my friends who want to learn to tat. And to those who don’t want to learn because they might change their minds when they see how easy it really is!

    I have MS and have lost most of the feeling and some of the function in my right hand so I’m learning to use my left. Everything I’ve read says tatting can’t be done left-handed but I couldn’t understand why. Now you have shown me that it can be done so I’m going to practice left-handed tatting!

  12. Jill Telford said:

    I printed off the patterns for the 8 easy Snowflakes for beginners. I cannot figure out the patterns. There are no numbers of how many of rings etc. I am a BEGINNER so I must be missing something. Could you please help me read these instructions.
    I have really loved the tutorials on learning how to do double knots and rings and picots. Thank you so much for your great lessons.
    Jill Telford
    Preston, England

  13. I am always trying new things. In the last few years I have taught myself to knit, crochet, cross stitch, candle making, quilting amongst other things. I found your blogs and decided to give it a go. Using some odds and ends of crochet yarn I gave it a whirl. I absolutely love tatting even though I’m only just mastering the basics. You should be commended on the easy to follow videos and tutorials.
    Thankyou so much

  14. Heather
    I want to thank you for your absolute beginner videos. I plan on being in Santa Fe this June and plan on stopping in the shop.
    Rosemary Lutz

  15. DianaLyn said:

    I simply love your beginners tatting lessons. You have simplified tatting for so many of us and the eagerness to learn tatting is one I cannot wait to learn. I do have a question though. I have viewed time and time again the double stitch and have the first portion down pat, my problem is the popping over the stitch. No matter how many times I do it I cannot master this part. I can do the second part of the double stitch but again when it comes to popping over the stitch I cannot do it. I have relaxed my left fingers so as to pull the thread but the legs are always on the top when completed. Can you please send me either a separate video just showing that move again or tell me what I am doing wrong. This is really getting on my nerves. How can I move forward when I can’t get this one part down.
    You are so soft spoken and easy to understand that I almost hate myself for being so dumb.
    Whatever you can do to help me I greatly appreciate.
    Thank you very much.

  16. DianaLyn said:

    I do not know how old your video’s are but I have to say, regardless, yours are the very best. I paid good money to famous websites and asked for a full refund having viewed your video. I was able to watch, re-watch, practice and with patience, made numerous chains. I was able to get the flip accomplished with constant practice and watching your video. I have moved on to working with one color making a ring and now picots. You are just simply wonderful. I would love to find a way where I can forward you some money for allowing me the opportunity, for free, to finally accomplish my long time passion of tatting. I truly cannot thank you enough. I would like to save your videos to my computer for future reference and to possible pass down to my future daughter-in-law this beautiful art. If I have your permission, can you please tell me how I would go about saving your videos to my computer and give credit to you.
    Please let me know what I can do to further your contribution to all of us who have viewed and continue viewing your videos. Let me know if there are other videos that will teach me other methods of tatting such as how to read patterns, etc.
    Cordially yours,

  17. Hi, Thank You a lot of Your vídeos. I’m starting learning ” frivoletté” with My mother In law, she make beautiful things. But I loved yours vídeos , you teach very well, and the quality of image is perfect.I wanted to Know What kind of thread do you use in the first video?
    From BRASIL, São Paulo

  18. Pam Peltz said:

    Hi. I’ve just started learning to tat. I was quite excited to see you are (were?) in Santa Fe. I’m in Albuquerque!! I really like your site and videos they are very clear and helpful. Thank you! Are you doing more? I’d love to see more. Thx again.

  19. Jan Peterson said:

    I watched your video on blocking your tatting. You used a Quilter’s Cut and Press II to block my doily as you used in the video. If you spray this with startch, how do you clean your mat? I started by covering my cut and press with a clean, clear dry cleaning bag. Was this necessary?

  20. Rosemary said:

    Hi Heather
    I want to thank you for your extremely clear and helpful videos. I am heading to Santa Fe next week and wonder which shop you gave lessons in as I would like to stop by and browse.
    Thank you

  21. Val Houle said:

    I want to thank you for your Absolute Beginners Series. I have been trying to learn to tat for many years and never succeeded, until now. With your series I have learned to tat. I am very grateful to you. Thank you so very much.


  22. Hi Heather. Thank you, thank you! Finally, a website about Tatting that can be understood. Simple, and with videos. I am just beginning to learn all about Tatting, and I LOVE IT! I am a long-time Knitter and Crocheter? I may be wrong about that title. But while looking over your website, I saw where you have info about Needle Tatting. But whenever I clicked on it I’m being routed to all of your emails and postings from other people. Do you have anything posted for Needle Tatting? and where can I find it? Thanks for taking the time to do all of this and for reading my posts. Take care and be blessed!

  23. This has nothing to do with tatting I just wanted to say I miss visiting you

  24. Cherrie Fowler-Paul said:

    my daughter and i are dying to learn tatting,,,,, will begin next year when i retire and return to australia, at present in dubai… so happy i found your site xoxoxo cheri in dubai

  25. Hi Heather, your eye condition came up in a dyslexia support fb group. I also recently found information about William Bates eye exerises to restore vision, even from the legally blind since babyhood. I was wondering if you did the bates method in the past? I am trying to determine the efficacy of this method.

    Your story is amazing. Can you recollect how you felt about playing the violin in the very beginning? Violin playing is supposed to be a cognitive developing activity.


  26. Don’t know if this site is still active. But I am trying to help an elderly gentleman tatter give away many tatting related objects: shuttles, thread (good quality), shuttles and pattern books. They need good homes Are you interested or can you suggest someone or an association? thanks.

  27. Ann Eaves-Allen said:

    My grandmother did tatting which my mother now has. Is there someone somewhere who would like to receive the items?

  28. Delacia Hartman said:

    Your videos are how I learned to tat a few years ago. I am really sad that I can’t get any of the links to the videos to work. I have been recommending people come here to learn and now I see it’s not working. Can the links get updated??

    • Thanks for letting me know. I redid all the youtube links so they should work now.

      I know there are other broken links throughout the site, and I may get around to finding and fixing them all eventually, but frankly I don’t have the time. I want the links to my videos to work, however, as that is rather the whole point of this site. 🙂

  29. Laksami Green said:

    Very interesting! Have you ever seen the work of “Tatting by Laksami”?

  30. Chere Miller said:

    My Mother will be 89 yrs young this Nov, and has done needle tatting for years. She at one time had patterns for the alphabet, but can’t seem to locate it anymore. I would love to find a pattern for her and thought maybe you could help me. Thank you very much, Chere Miller

  31. Hi Heather,

    Didn’t know a better way to let you know so am posting here. Just came across your site when looking into tatting (never done it before). The link to Be-Stitched takes you to some Russian site. I viewed the code for the link and then manually typed in the be-stitched.com url and got to the correct place but you might want to check into you page’s link and find out how it’s getting hi-jacked.


  32. Hello,

    I am looking to donate my grandmother’s tatting supplies. I have multiple shuttles, a TON of string, and some patterns and books. Most things are new or gently used then stored for years. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can donate or send these types of crafting supplies I would greatly appreciate it.

  33. Are you still around? All I see is from 2011. I am interested in learning more about needle tatting.

  34. April Alfred said:

    Can I first say I couldn’t get the hang of shuttle tatting and watching your videos I have the concept of it. WOOT WOOT. My question is on lesson 10 of the basics to tatting videos what do you do when your shuttle runs out of thread? I’m a tad confused on that. Oh your videos are GREAT!!!!!

  35. Hello:
    I love to tat. I taught myself how to tat many years ago.
    If anyone is familiar with the book TATTED TREASURES
    BY JAN STAWASZ please contact me. I don’t understand
    the photos of instructions.

    Thank you for your help.

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