If you’re learning to read tatting patterns, I suggest going through these posts in order:

Reading Patterns and Making Projects, Part One   Describes the three main types of tatting patterns and common features of each. Includes three super simple tatting patterns for rings only.

Reading Patterns and Making Projects, Part Two   Builds on Part One to include patterns with chains, and discusses how to tell if a pattern needs two shuttles, identifying rounds, and reversing work. Includes a rosette and an edging pattern.

8 Easy Tatted Snowflake Patterns for Beginners   Even if you aren’t interested in making snowflakes at the moment, this is a great primer for a beginner who is getting used to reading tatting patterns. The eight patterns are roughly in order of easiest to hardest, and I’ve also tried to include some helpful remarks on how to follow each pattern.


Heather’s Free Original Tatting Patterns

Easy Celtic Motif Pattern

Green Celtic Motif





Super Simple Tatted Hair Clip Pattern

small hairclip closeup





Tatting Hair Clip Pattern

Tatted Hair Barrette Decoration Closeup





Celebrate July with a Flag

Split Ring American Flag Closeup





Heather’s Free Downloadable Templates

Make 2 Shuttles in 2 Minutes for 2 Cents








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