Learn Tatting

Absolute Beginner Tatting Series

Tatting is easier that it looks! This series will take you from an absolute beginner to a competent shuttle tatter in this easy-to-follow series. What are you waiting for? Pick up two shuttles and a ball of thread, and join the fun!

The Basics, in Ten Easy Lessons

Lesson 1: Winding a Shuttle VIDEO

Lesson 2: Making the Double Stitch VIDEO

Lesson 3: Making the Double Stitch: Left Handed VIDEO

Lesson 4: Your Tatting Toolkit

Lesson 5: Making a Ring VIDEO

Lesson 6: Making Picots VIDEO

Lesson 7: Tatting Vocabulary Primer

Lesson 8: Joining Picots VIDEO

Lesson 9: Reading Patterns and Making Projects, Part One PICS

Lesson 10: How to Combine Rings and Chains with CTM VIDEO


A Bit Beyond the Basics…

Lesson 11: Adding a Second Thread and Hiding Ends VIDEO

Lesson 12: Starting with Two Threads and Hiding Ends Under Picots VIDEO

Lesson 13: Reverse and Turn Work, an Exploration PICS

Lesson 14: Reading Patterns and Making Projects, Part Two PICS

Lesson 15: How to Close a Motif Using a Folded Join VIDEO

Lesson 16: Hiding Ends with the Magic Thread Trick VIDEO

Lesson 17: Sewing in the Ends, Method 1 VIDEO

Lesson 18: Sewing in the Ends, Method 2 VIDEO

Lesson 19: Blocking Your Tatted Project VIDEO

Lesson 20: Putting it All Together VIDEO – Coming Soon


Other Tatting Tutorials

Make a Tatting Finger Guard PICS

And more to come…

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